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We established a FUSHOU FOOD production plant for Chinese noodles in the Czech Republic. Our plant covers over 30,000 m2 of area, which is surrounded by natural forest and river.

In order to produce healthy, natural products without preservatives and in accordance with European Union and global food hygiene standards, our leaders and production divisions of FUSHOU FOOD are committed to ensuring the quality of excellence of our products with unique traditional production techniques and modernized technology.


The name FUSHOU comes from the Chinese word “福壽”. The character “福” (Fú) means blessing and the character “壽” (Shòu) expresses longevity, which in Chinese history is symbolized by Chinese noodles.


We strictly select raw materials for food production, cooperate with modern production equipment and unique traditional craftsmanship to ensure that Fushou noodles conform to our concept of natural and healthy products.
Our company and products have obtained the world’s most authoritative HACCP food production quality and safety management system certification. Our Fushou noodles fully comply with the European Union and other countries’ food safety and hygiene standards.

HACCP Certification